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  • 16-01-12 18:25
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The most specialized Copper Tube & Fittings company in Korea

Jungwoo Metal has been recognized for its excellence since it started manufacturing copper fittings for the first time in Korea, in 1979. Jungwoo Metal was nominated as the manufacturer of “World’s best product” in 2005 by the Korean Ministry of Industry and has also developed its own technology & manufacturing processes.
 Today Jungwoo Metal has achieved a market leading position in the Korean market. At the sametime, Jungwoo has been growing it's worldwide customer base. With this growth, Jungwoo had awarded “Export 30 million USD Tower” in 2006 and ‘Bronze Tower Order of Industrial Service Merit' in 2007. Also, the company has been crowned ‘Gold Tower Order of Industrial Service Merit’ in 2014 by its recognized contributions to the industry.
 With the basis of rigid quality control, Jungwoo set up the mass production system to manufacture copper fittings. Jungwoo Metal is able to supply most sizes of copper fittings in various standards of industrial applications, such as water supply, gas, sanitation, cooling/heating, as well as plant plumbing.
 As well as the Korean market, Jungwoo Metal currently supplies it's quality products to the USA, UK, Japan, Australia etc with the required certifcation for each country. Jungwoo continues to develop its business partnerships throughout Asia, Europe, North America and the Middle East.